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My Current Addiction…

In my weakness for good stories, I also have a serious weakness for movies and television shows. When the medium of film is used well, it can create such a magical experience; and it’s also nice to get lost in a story for just a couple of hours rather than the time commitment of reading a whole book.

However, alongside my purging of social media the past few years, I’ve also given up the majority of streaming video services. Currently, all we have access to is Amazon Prime, which I mostly keep for the free shipping and music service. And honestly, I think even Amazon might go at the end of this year when it’s time to renew my subscription. The convenience of two-day shipping is wonderful, but it has created some bad habits that I don’t like in myself. But that is a discussion for another day.

The main reason I started letting go of video streaming services (and cable) is that we just don’t watch television enough to justify any of them. We might watch a show or movie once or twice a week, but most of the time I would rather spend my evenings out with friends or catching up on my reading. When I do watch television, I typically gravitate towards movies and shows that I have already seen and know that I enjoy. I am a chronic re-watcher. And if I know I want to watch something in particular, it really frustrates me if suddenly that show or movie is no longer on any of the services; it will ruin a whole night for me if I have my heart set to watch something only to discover it is no longer available.

But even as I give up video streaming, there are still times when I want to watch a movie, and sometimes I even want to watch a movie that I haven’t seen a zillion times before. 

Which brings me to my current addiction, which I am not even a little bit ashamed of: thrift store DVDs. A lot of thrift stores sell their DVDs for about $1, which is cheaper than pretty much any of the rental services. And these days so many people are getting rid of their DVD collections and going digital that it’s a really great time for the rest of us who still like to actually hold items in our hands. It’s true, you aren’t generally going to find the newest releases or anything like that, but you can find a lot of really great classic movies that stand the test of time. And at just $1, it’s not a big deal to pick up a movie and, if you don’t like it or won’t re-watch it again, just donate it back. It’s really like an informal rental service if you start thinking of it like that.

I have found a lot of really great movies at thrift stores. There seem to be a lot of standards that I see almost every time, such as a lot of the Will Farrell movies, for some reason. I’ve also found some really interesting movies that I had never heard of or seen before, such as a biopic about Rudyard Kipling and his son, starring Daniel Radclif (I haven’t watched it yet). I’ll usually end up coming home with at least 3 or 4 new movies.

I have a weakness for thrift stores already, because I am poor but also really like to shop. I’ve found that I much prefer the quality of thrift store items, too. With both movies and books, you find a lot more classics and things that have been especially popular over the years. With clothes, you find items that are actually made to last and are much better quality than I, for one, could afford to buy in a regular store. I can also feel good about where my money is going when I shop at a thrift store, as most of them are operated by charities and so put that money back into the local community.

So, when was the last time you went thrifting? What are your favorite items to thrift? (Is “thrift” a verb? Because I really like to use it that way)

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