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Of Cabbages and Kings

Hello, dear readers. I must first apologize that it has been so long since I’ve given you any serious, dedicated content. I’ve been so caught up in life and other writing projects, that this poor blog has been rather neglected. But I am now hoping to get things back on track with some re-prioritizing.

With a mind to better time-management, I’m going to be suspending my monthly posts on What I Read. The truth is that I am reading so much these days that it was starting to feel a little overwhelming to try and also document each book as I finished it, and that feeling was stalling me from working on new content. So, I will hopefully still be posting an occasional blog summarizing what I’ve been reading lately, but it won’t be as systematic and detailed of every book I’ve read. However, if you are curious about what’s on my book stack, I’ll still be tracking everything on Goodreads and you are welcome to follow me there.

On the topic of my reading list, one of my goals this year is to revisit a lot of classics and my own list of foundational books. I’ve already been re-reading a lot of my favorites, such as Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, Alice in Wonderland, and a lot of Neil Gaiman’s work, but I’m also hoping to go back to such foundations as The Iliad, The Odyssey, and Beowulf. As usual, I’ll be dedicating the month of April to reading and watching Shakespeare, which I always look forward to, and I feel like it’s time to revisit some of the more difficult Tragedies, such as Macbeth and Titus Andronicus. I’ve never been a big fan of Macbeth, but the movie version with Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard finally started to win me over and it’s probably time that I made a real study of it.

What books do you consider foundational, either in terms of the “Classics” or just in your own life?

I have a lot that I want to accomplish this coming year, but of course one of my top priorities is always to just put more words on paper (or screen). So wish me luck and hopefully you will start seeing more posts here again.

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