Autumn Reflections and Updates

For weeks now, I’ve had ideas and ambitions running through my head; of articles that I want write, thoughts I want to share, and stories I want to tell. This time of year usually does that to me. I can’t say that this is always my most productive time of the year, because this is usually when I am the busiest with volunteering at church, getting ready for the holidays, etc. But I can say that this is always my most inspired time of the year. There is something about the cooling weather and the changing leaves that stirs up my imagination.

Every fall, there always comes back to me crystal clear memories of working on my senior portfolio in college. It was the longest creative work I had written at that point in my life, and I am still very proud of it. It was the seeds of what would eventually become my novella “A Waking Dream”, which I hope to one day revise and expand into a full length novel. I still love those characters, and they have journeyed with me through life for over a decade now. I can still remember so distinctly sitting in the Barnes and Noble to work on that project; that particular location had two levels and an amazing view out on the Appalachian Mountains. In my memory, it’s always overcast and threatening either rain or snow and there is a sense of how close the sky really is as it hangs so low in those mountains. Except for some anxiety over whether I should drive back to campus in case it starts snowing, there was always a sense of security and comfort, to sit in the brightly lit store, surrounded by books, hot coffee beside me, bringing to life characters that I still love to this day.

There is no other time of year that so forcefully wakes up my writer’s soul.

But as I said, this also tends to be my busiest time of year as well. And this year in particular.

My wedding is just a few months away now, and while the majority of the planning and decision-making is done, there is still a remarkable lot to keep track of. We are also in the process of purchasing our first home, and all that that entails. It is all very exciting and wonderful and chaotic and beautiful and does not leave much time to sit and give vent to all the creative ideas that are constantly running through my head. But I know that time will come. So I write little notes and I file them away and I know that the important ones will get their due eventually.

In the mean time, I soak up the moments and I watch the leaves and I sip my pumpkin lattes.

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