An Adult-ish Toolkit

“A thoughtful guide for those who want to live fully and with intention. This book does not claim to be a self-help book nor does it make lofty claims of healing. It is simply one woman’s experience with becoming an adult and the insight she learned along the way. -Amazon Review

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The term “adult” is a nebulous word that most of us aspire to, and yet feel like frauds when we try to claim it. The truth is, even adults don’t have a clue what we are doing most of the time, and that’s okay! With heartfelt honesty and wit, Kathryn Evans shares thirty pieces of wisdom about how to successfully “adult” in the modern world, which she has learned over the three decades that she has lived in it. Chapters include:

It’s Okay to Love Your Body
Romantic Love is Not the Only Type of Love
Eat a Snack
Celebrate Birthdays

Plus 26 more!

This is a book for the new generation; for the rootless, the overwhelmed, and the bewildered. For all those who were tossed out into the world without any instructions on how to function in it.

“The author has humbly reflected on her life over the past three decades and written up the lessons she’s learned. I really appreciate that she shares this knowledge as just her own experience and invites the readers in to reflect more on our own. For someone who’s only 30, she sure knows a lot, and I hope to take this knowledge and nudges with me in my own life. Each chapter is concise and offers at least one big question or punch to get you thinking. While the author is young, don’t let that stop you from checking the book out. She connects with the readers on themes of friendship, food, self-image, and more with her honesty and vulnerability – and we can relate at any age. Plus, her lessons just make sense.

‘The key is that once a thought is written down it becomes a tangible thing, and we can actually work with tangible things.’ Check out this tangible book – it won’t disappoint.” -Amazon Review